tugas kontrul inggris tentang rencana liburan di tahun ini

Hallo my name is Ramzy this time i will explain about my holiday this year.This holiday, i would rather choose to go to Spain because the panorama in Spain is the best. i would like to brought my notebook as my friend when i'm in the journey. my daddy say that i will have to prepare all of my need to go to Spain by myself. this is the day, the day that i will going to Spain with my family. i and my family go to Spain by a plane, there is many seat and many window in the plane in Saturday night, i arrived in Spain with my family. because the day is already dark we decide to stay at the hotel near Madrid In the morning, i am going to tour this wonderful country. one week later, we decide to go back to Indonesia, i am verry happy with my short visit to Spain. Another time I want to visit Spain again.
Hello my name is Ramzy I will tell you the experience that until now I cant forget it.I have a friend her name is Scandy Pradapta her is very meritorious for my life because one day I was riding the motorcycle in the afternoon, there my position at behind in konvoi with my friends suddenly I fell down and I asked for help to my friends but nobody helped me only Scandy who came to help me.If nobody came maybe  its to late because i was seriously injure I do not know must ask for help to whom and maybe now my fate does not know how.I am very thankful to him and I am gratefull to him until now I am good friend with him.